Self-knitting powered by alternative energy

Wind-powered knitting

'Wind knitting factory' developed by Merel Karhof is a mechanical wind-powered knitting machine and inspired by the phenomenon of the irregular movement of wind through urban spaces. She says, "I set myself the brief to use this 'free' energy source and create a product with it."

The resulting 2m tubular scarves are labeled with the day that they were made and the time that they took to make.

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Light-powered knitting

Along very similar lines, using the light from its lamp, the Sleeping Beauty Lamp by Nadine Sterk knits a new row every 20 minutes so it gradually gets longer and longer.

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Sustainable energy in our textile industry

the textile industry has used wind and water energy in the past - windmills have been used for preparing hemp and flax, and fulling cloth. Spinning was done with a water powered spinning frame in the 18th century and in 1855, the first water-powered knitting frame was constructed in Loughborough.

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