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Needle Doodles

Needle Doodles

Knitpro's Dreamz needles are colour-coded for size, which is really helpful.

Valérie has personalised these regular bamboo needles using sharpie pens and a bit of something to seal the colour. You could devise your own system for denoting the different sizes!

A treasured gift

A treasured gift

These little flowers are details from a "wee knitted hoose".

Kate Davies has been in touch with the Royal Edinburgh Repository and Self Aid Society - also known as the Treasure Trove - for many years. After speaking at their recent AGM, they presented her with this gift which was made by a society member.

Click through for some close up pictures of the beautiful work.

Japanese knitting book

What made you fall in love with knitting?

What made you fall in love with knitting? Cotton and Cloud shows us the amazing book which turned her onto knitting.

A fascinating idea; a story book combined with patterns (some looking deviously difficult!)

No yarns of danger could deter this old lady

No yarns of danger could deter this old lady

This lovely story from a 1908 New York Times tells the story of one knitter's stand against Health and Safety.

With thanks to the Knitty Blog for sharing

The Queen's colour-chart

The Queen's colour-chart

This amazing chart shows The queen's outfits sorted by colour and shows which is clearly her favourite colour.

Thanks to for sharing. "Lots of wool outfits in there too!!" they say.

Stainless steel yarn

Stainless steel yarn

Have you used stainless steel yarn?

Minniemoll has given it a go and says that it's fun and that you can shape the finished item.

Here she writes her thoughts about how to avoid the 'chain mail' look and knitting straight from the cone.

Oaklet shawl

How to spin and knit this shawl in ten days

One of my own blog posts, I'm very proud of this project.

I managed to spin and knit this shawl in 10 days of the Olympics, leaving time for some WIP wrestling.

Here are the details and lots of photos.

a traditionally constructed Haapsalu Shawl

Blogpick: a traditionally constructed Haapsalu Shawl

Jobo Designs has made her first Haapsalu Shawl - knit as a rectangle with a separate border seamed on.

The result is a rectangular shawl with beautifully rounded corners.

Despite being a slightly larger yarn than called for, it fits through her wedding ring.

Click through for more pictures and information.

Hand Carved Crochet Hooks

Hand Carved Crochet Hooks

Knitsnthings has a new look to her blog but she's being just as crafty as ever.

Wanting to do something with a dead branch from her pear tree, she's learned to carve crochet hooks which look cute and work well.

Reading Charts

Reading Charts

Many knitters are frightened of reading a chart for the first time, but when you know a few basic rules, they're not scary at all, says Anniken Allis.

She gives us an easy-to-understand but comprehensive tutorial which will help you to knit more quickly by following the chart rather than written instructions.

Bigger on the Inside shawl and actress Karen Gillan

Bigger on the Inside

Thanks to Knitty Blog for reporting this wonderful 'knitting meets Dr Who moment'.

Knitter and Doctor Who Fan Lisa Pinedo made this 'Bigger on the Inside' shawl and wore it to a convention. She made a spontaneous decision to give it to actress Karen Gillan (Amy Pond). She says it was "tough parting with it" but she now has this amazing photograph.

Bigger on the Inside is a free shawl pattern from Knitty.

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Lydia Tayler in her wedding dress

Bride knits her own dress

Lydia Tayler and Ash Pears went budget on their wedding in order to save money for a house, but Lydia still looks a million dollars in this beautiful dress that she knitted herself.

She spent four months knitting and says, "everyone just loved it. They could not stop looking at it and taking photographs"

She adds, "'If someone else was considering knitting their own dress, I'd tell them to go for it."

With thanks to VonnieS for sharing

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Fair Isle nail art

Fair Isle nail art

These detailed Fair Isle nails were one of the finalists of a competition held by Motel Rocks earlier in the year.

Kokoro says that they'd be perfect at Christmas.

With thanks to Rosy Retro for sharing

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Crocheted wedding dress

Crocheted wedding dress

In another wool wedding dress, crochet this time, Lucy looked lovely in this dress which was crocheted by her grandmother for her mother in 1973.

Many thanks to The Creative Crochet Crew for the news.

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25 ways to wear a scarf

25 ways to wear a scarf

If you find yourself stuck for the best way to wear a scarf, or if you've seen a photo that made you wonder "how did she put that on?" then this video may help.

Wendy demonstrates 25 ways to wear scarves and shawls and she has made the video in a very clever way.

After you've watched the video, do have a look at this slightly less serious take on the same subject shared by We Love Wool.

Watch the video

Joyuna's Lazy Katy

Blogpick: Joyuna's Lazy Katy

One of my favourite finished objects recently, Joyuna says that this pattern was unbelievably quick and easy to knit but more difficult to block.

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Maldives Olympic team at Fibre-East

Olympic team at Fibre-East

The Woolsack project has had spinners and knitters, crocheters and felters busy making cushions from British wool as a gift for the athletes competing In London this year.

The project has run into some problems on the distribution front and is no longer being allowed to hand them out at the event as planned.

However, the distribution is going ahead in other ways.

On 14 July at Fibre East, one of Britain's spinning and knitting shows, a team from the Maldives arrived at the Woolsack stand to choose their cushions.

Three lions

Three lions

In another Cultural Olympiad project using British wool, Shauna Richardson has spent 18 months to crochet these huge lions and she used 36 miles of wool.

Usually she uses mohair mixes for realism but for this project she felt that it was important to use locally-sourced wool.

The finished piece is touring, finishing in London's Natural History Museum on 20 July.

Thanks to Crafty Crafty for sharing

This extremely tiny knitting uses sewing pins.

It's called Tempted and Sophie is studying knitwear design at Brighton.

With thanks to Knitting Project of the Day for sharing.

Citron shawl

Blogpick: Citron shawl

I've included this as a pick in Hand Spinning News because it's a spin / knit project but I'm including it here too because I love the pattern and it can simply be knit in Lace / 2 ply.

I love colour graduations and also the ruffled effect in this pattern. I'm so inspired by Josiekitten's project, I've bought some similarly graduated (spiral-dyed) fibre in blues and will be making the same shawl for my Ravelympics project.

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